We offer circular economy trainings and events, online or offline to support you and your team members to acquire the circular thinking. We go more than basic to acquire practicalities from extensive list of case studies and improve competitiveness. 

Circular Dialogue 

Perhaps many of you are unfamilier with the word “circular economy” and what it means. Or you have not yet nociced your business is similar or equivalent to a circular business.  We organize the events on circular economy like “Circular Dialogue” to accelerate a transition to a circular economy in Japan and create Japanese circular economy models. 

Customized Events and Education 

We offer customized education opportunities according to your needs.

Examples are:

  • Seminar 
  • Education in your company 
  • Forum 
  • Conference 
  • Exhibition 

Your needs may be the followings: 

  • You would like your team members in sustainability department to acquire the base knowledge of a circular economy in particular or sustainability broadly. 
  • You would like to organize circular economy training specialized in your industry or customized in problems your companies is facing. 
  • You already organize event on sustainability but you would like someone to lecture the circular economy as speaker.