What is Circle Design?

A circular economy is an economic system,  where it aims at shifting from a linear economy of “take”, “make” and “waste” to a circular economy of closing the loop. Waste is considered as resource as an input for the new product, meaning that there will be no new material and resource extraction.  It certainly contributes to decoupling economic activities from the consumption of finite resources and environmental degradation. Many cases of circular business have been emerged in and outside Japan 

Information, ideas and networks are vital when transitioning to a circular economy. 

Circle Design supports your organization to implement circular principles into your business through education, research and events. 


Our Mission

We contribute to decoupling of economic activities from environmental burdens through supporting organizations to transit to a circular economy. 


Name Circle Design Co., Ltd.

3-30-10-2F Matsubara Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-0043, Japan 

Email info@circledesign.co.jp
Service Education, Research, Event and Media related to Circular Economy 

Kiyokazu Nasu  (CEO)Born in Osaka Prefecture and graduated from DePauw University (conflict studies major) in the US., he joined Circular Economy Hub, an online media platform for a circular economy in Japan and founded Circle Design after working for an educational companies and a management association. One of the turning point for him is when he conducted the research on the mining conflict in Ecuador and has pursued sustainability and a circular economy later.