Our Vision

We contribute to create a future where all people and nature can thrive through circular economy

In the linear economy, economic growth has coupled with increasing waste and GHG emissions, leading to degradation of the environment. In other words, this model was built at the expense of the global environment.


On the other hand, the circular economy is a system that maximizes the value of resources and products while reducing overall resource inputs by extracting maximum economic and social value from goods, services, and existing stocks, maintaining that value as high as possible, and using it for as long as possible, and has the potential to significantly change the current linear economy.

As shown in the figure below, the circular economy has such potential to contribute to creating a positive system for people and nature, from manufacturing goods, business models, working with stakeholders, transforming social systems, to transitioning to prosperous city.


Circular economy is not a panacea; it is only a tool. However, in order to make the transition to a truly circular economy and society, it is necessary to accumulate practices while grasping the essence of the circular economy, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In addition, it is also important to proceed while paying attention to avoid negative effects on carbon neutrality and nature positive by engaging in the circular economy.

As an organization that specializes in the circular economy and has accumulated knowledge and experience in supporting businesses and local governments, Circle Design will contribute to creating prosperity for people and nature.


On the other hand, the business must lead the way away from mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal while generating profits. To achieve this, in addition to pursue the circularity of manufactured goods, it is sometimes necessary to reform business models.

Furthermore, in circular city, as in the above, it is necessary to draw a roadmap on how to increase the value of resources within the city and how to prosper.

Circle Design, which has accumulated knowledge and insight in the above areas, supports companies and municipalities in their transition to a Circular Economy through the following means.

  • Consulting, advisory, and research services related to the circular economy
  • Training, lectures, and workshops on the circular economy and circular city
  • Research and writing articles on circular economy and circular city
  • Matching support on circular economy
  • Communication support for the circular economy
  • Support for transition to a circular city


While the core scope of Circle Design is circular economy, we will also work on carbon neutrality and nature positivity, taking into account their relevance to create synergistic effects.


What is circular economy (In Circle Design’s view)

Circular economy is a system that extracts maximum economic and social value from goods, services, and existing stocks, while reducing the amount of new resources used, and maintains the value as high and as long as possible.

By applying a design that eliminates the concepts of disposal and pollution, the aim is to create a system that facilitates the continued and cyclic use of raw materials and they are used in accordance with priorities (10R) and reach the end of their useful life as products. The main source of energy for this system is renewable energy. Through these efforts, we also aim to eliminate the environmental burden and regenerate the natural environment, especially in the cycle of biological resources.

Thus, it is synergistic with the zero-carbon and nature positive approach. It builds a social infrastructure that is decentralized, diverse, resilient, and community-oriented, as well as economically prosperous.

As a result, we will move away from the mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal model, build a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature, and maximize human wellbeing and natural abundance, including economic prosperity.